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This is where I'll talk about shows when I have them! Will I ever have a show people will actually come to???

April 17th-18th

I'm co-directing SONGS ABOUT TRAINS with Rebecca Martinez (conceived and produced by Radical Evolution) as part of the Rough Draft Festival at LPAC!

SONGS ABOUT TRAINS is a celebration of the many cultures that contributed to the building of the cross country rail system in the United States. Through music and performance, Songs About Trains grapples with the thorny realities of immigration, labor, Manifest Destiny, and pillaging of Native American land that are central to our history, and uplifts the victories of a multicultural, multilingual workforce that made our country what it is today. 

Performances are April 17th at 7pm and April 18th at 3pm and 7pm! More info can be found HERE.



June 20th-30th

I'm directing PLANO by Will Arbery as part of Summerworks at Clubbed Thumb!

Tonight, and later, and earlier, three sisters (no, not those ones) are stricken with a series of strange plagues: Isabel’s got pains. Anne’s got slugs. And Genevieve doesn't want to talk about hers. She just wants you to eat the damn hummus (she made it!). Let's talk about family nightmares. I mean, uh, memories.

Performances will be June 20th-30th. More info can be found HERE.