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Taylor Reynolds

Director. Theatre Maker.







Chasing Fear +

Songs About Trains (co-directed with Rebecca Martinez)

Turf +


Think Before You Holla


The Masterpiece

Kids on Bikes


Her Single Window

Le Jeté +

Bodega Pricing

A Rainbow Feels Like Air

Things I Don’t Want to Talk About

An Informal…(Or, BURN)


The Queen of Sheba +


The Body Unbound

Accidental Burlesque

Five Nights in Question

Think Before You Holla

Inverted Rainbow +

You’re Hired+

(Part of Under Rehearsed)

All the Smallest Words

(Part of Love, Redefined)

People Will Talk About You Sometimes

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Karaoke Bar

(or) Umdrehen, Hellen Augen

Dinner With the Stevensons

Starving in Africa +

Dear Uncle Langston +

Kickin’ It (Part of 168 Fest)


In the Blood

by Will Arbery

by Gina Femia

by Trevor Bachman and Blake McCarty

conceived by Radical Evolution

by Tyler English-Beckwith

by Ashley Minihan

Devised piece

by Alyssa Haddad

by Dominique Morriseau

by Nicole Daniels

by Harrison David Rivers

by Amalia Mathewson

by Catherine Yu

by Reina Hardy

by Gina Femia

by Gina Femia

by Pascale Smith

by Rhonda Marie Khan

by Bree O’Connor

By Sophie Netanel

Devised piece

by Gina Femia

by Eleanor Burgess

Devised piece

by Gina Femia

by Donna Latham


by Gina Femia


by Sarah Matusek

by Ken Greller


by Glenn Quentin

by Charles Bartley

by De’Anne Lynne

by Gina Femia

by K. Alexa Mavromatis

by Suzan-Lori Parks

Clubbed Thumb Summerworks

The Joust Theatre Company

New York Theatre Barn

Rough Draft Festival at LPAC

NYU MFA Playwright Thesis

Reign or Shine Productions

Ally Theatre Company

Paper Kraine

NYU Atlantic Acting School

Single Carrot Theatre


Everyday Inferno Theatre Company

The Movement Theatre Company

Atlantic Acting School

New York Madness

March Forth Productions

Fordham University

United Solo Show Festival

Colors of Community

UglyRhino Prod. TinyRhino

MassBliss Festival

New Georges Audrey Residency

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company

The Movement Theatre Company

Roving Roots

Rising Sun Performance Company


Poetic Theater Productions


Everyday Inferno Theatre Company

24 Hour Plays: Nationals 2013


Cabrini Repertory Theater

Fresh Produce’d July 2013

Puzzle Festival 2013

Play on Words Productions

Looking Glass Forum

Helen Wayne Rauh Studio Theater